Saturday, April 30, 2011

A few pics!

Notice Aaron wearing his White Sox onesie! I'm wondering how much longer it will fit him...

These boys have so much fun together already. Luke always tells me that Aaron just wants him whenever he is crying or fussy and it is amazing to watch Aaron respond to Luke. Before I took this picture I was getting supper started in the other room and had laid Aaron down on his own for a bit, Luke was with me. Then Aaron started fussing and Luke went to make him happy and lay down with him and held his hand and very gently patted his tummy and Aaron quieted down imediately and was happy with Luke there for at least 15-20 minutes! Too cool! Of course right after I took this picture Luke suddenly said "Ow! Don't do that!" and I realized that Aaron had got ahold of Luke's hair! First fight already I guess, but Luke did great, didn't do anything, just said "Ow!"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute pics and Easter with the Bartels

Easter Sunday we went to Bartels to celebrate. Before church though I just had to take a quick pic of my boys!

After church it was quite a bit warmer so we changed clothes and headed over to my grandparent's house. Kate was the first to nab the baby!

After a really great lunch the kids and an Easter egg hunt. Each one got 4 eggs and Annette was supervising, I think...

Everything was so good and we were so stuffed that the adults were still sitting at the table when the kids got done!

Eventually we moved to the living room for more comfortable couch potatoe positions.

The paper my mom is holding is the Hutchinson paper and the front is an article about the Birth Center where we had Aaron. It mentions us and the fact that he was the 200th baby born there!

Kate posed Aaron with a Cruch bar, do you think they would pay us for the advirtising?

A few days ago Luke wanted to snuggle Aaron and be his "mommy", there is a little more to that story but we won't post it here. Anyway they were so cute and sweet, I couldn't resist. I think these are some of my favorite pics of the two of them so far!

This one is from yesterday, I think his cheeks are filling out nicely!

This week I have been very brave going out somewhere, even if it is just for a walk with the boys, almost everyday by myself. The biggest adventure was going to the Zoo yesterday. It went extremely well. I managed to pack everything esential into my purse, so not much to carry and nothing too heavy. Aaron road in his sling very happily the whole time except for feedings and I had a snack of cucumbers, carrots and a few Oreo's packed for Luke and I to eat while Aaron got his meals. We stuck to the African side and went slowely spending quite a bit of time at most exhibits and we had a really good time.

Mimi and Papaw visit!

My in-laws, Dennis and Anita (or Mimi and Papaw if you ask Luke), came to visit us the week before Easter. First thing before the van was even unloaded Dennis and Greg had ripped up the floor boards on our front porch. While they were busy with that Anita and I decided to take the boys for a walk because she wanted to get Luke a birthday cake since she had missed being here for his birthday and had brought lots of presents for him. We finally tore the men away from their project and ate supper and then it was time for cake and presents! Luke chose an ice cream cake with a whale on it.

Luke got this curious George game with all of these funny masks!

Next day and all the rest of the week Greg and Dennis spent most of their free time working on projects.

Mimi helped me out with the boys, holding Aaron while I did things with Luke or playing with Luke while I took care of Aaron's needs. She also bought groceries and did all the cooking, so we ate a lot of really good food!

Mimi brought bubbles!

When ever Greg and Dennis got tired they took a break by watching baseball on the internet. Go White Sox!

Anita and I took the boys to the Zoo! Aaron's first trip, but I don't think he saw any of it.

These next few pics are for Dori!!! The red panda is her favorite and when they visited it was hiding in it's log. This time it was out and walking all over the place! I think this is the only time I have ever seen it out like this!

I think the Gorilla's were Luke's favorite of the day, and we got a bunch of cute pics.

Luke is pretending to drink from the wall like the gorilla behind him.

Anita and I swapped pics and these are a few of the cute ones she got of Aaron during their stay.

While Dennis and Anita where here there was a big car accident on the corner by our house. The driver of the red vehicle had a seziure and drove head on into the other lane. When my friend Kandace (who just happened to be driving the truck behind him and is a nurse) got to the car he was having another seziure and his two friends had taken off. The driver of the other car was complaining of chest pain, but apparently he was better off than the kid in the red car because once the ambulances came they took care of the kid first. When the police got there he had just started coming out of it and was trying to get away but was still really unsteady and combative. The police recognized him because he had previously overdosed, etc. and shortly after they got him under control he had another seziure and then the Ambulance came and took him away. It was a lot of excitement and pretty much the whole neighborhood was out on our corner.

Both Mimi and Papaw got some time holding Aaron, definitely Mimi more than Papaw, but unfortunately we didn't get too many pictures.

Their last day was Saturday before Easter and Mimi had brought tons of candy and easter eggs to hide for Luke!

Our neighbor Alex came over adn helped Luke find the last few Easter eggs and then Luke shared a piece of candy with him, big smiles all around.

Here are some of the projects that got done during their stay.

We always get a family pic when Dennis and Anita come to visit!


We had a great time with them and as always the visit seemed too short.