Thursday, June 24, 2010


I think everyone already knows that harvest is one of my favorite times of year, so here are a few pics of me enjoying my favorite time of year with my Dad and Luke and a few others as well.

Grandpa and D.A. waiting to drive the next truck.

Luke was still napping during my first ride but after his nap I went to pick him up and bring him to the field for his first ride of the year. He was nervous at first but as soon as I started explaining the mechanics of it all he forgot about being scared and was completely engrossed in how the combine cut the wheat!

Luke is potty training himself and doing a really great job with it! I do remind him sometimes, but he pretty much knows when he needs to go and he does ask me a lot of the time on his own. Yes this is a naked baby pic, but I don't think you can actually see much, and he was just so cute walking down that dirt road in the sunset.

He also got the chance to play in the wheat!

Austin and Tim joined him and Austin helped him fill his shirt with wheat but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of it!

We had a great day in the field and Luke got another ride on the combine after dark. My mom made supper for everyone, partially in honor of two birthdays, mine and my sister-in-law, Andrea's birthday. It was delicious!
I am so proud of how well Luke is doing with potty training, especially since he is really doing it all himself. Unfortunately I have to work the next 4 days in a row so we will see how well my mom and Greg are able to do with him. So far he mostly has just gone for me, but I'm sure in time he will do the same for anyone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indiana trip, Dori and Tom get married!!!

We just got back from a very nice trip to Indiana. It was a great drive up as I mentioned in a previous post, and the drive back was almost as easy as the way up had been. We really enjoyed our time with Greg's family even though it was definitely too short this time around. Greg's sister-in-law Kathy and Luke's cousins Anna and Isaac were only around the first two days, and the last three days were very full of wedding stuff, which was also good, but made our time with family seem extra short.
Right away after getting there we got a taste of Indiana Summer! It was so humid outside that as soon as I stepped outside the camera lens fogged right up. I kept wiping it off and taking the picture again but it fogged back up so fast most of my pics looked like this.....

I did manage to get one really quick that turned out clearer though!

Luke remembered right away about feeding the fish in the pond! It didn't matter how many mosquito bites he got, he wanted to go outside any chance he could get to play near those ponds!

Playing with Anna and Isaac was lots of fun, especially with this toy horse strong enough to sit on! Of course it is always more fun when the thing you are sitting on moves, but unfortunately Anna was not available our whole trip.

Great Grandma Myers...
(Luke decided after lunch that Great Grandma Myers needed to come take a nap with us so he grabbed her by the hand and took her down stairs with us, and she took a nap with us!)

Pawpaw sitting in his usual spot.

Playing with Mimi!

On the Hershberger side we only were able to have lunch with Greg's cousin Kristen, her baby Lizzy, and his Aunt Donna.

Luke still loves babies! Isn't she cute!

On the Myers side a pretty large group got together but since I was sitting outside most of the time I only got pics of the few who were also braving the mosquitoes. Luke found that he could easily take Greg's cousins wherever he wanted to play!

Wednesday I met with Dori for the first time to discuss wedding plans while she had her hair done. Then on Thursday we all met up at the reception site to get everything ready! It was a ton of work, but there were lots of busy hands to help and it all got done beautifully. Dori's Mom had gotten a lot of stuff done on her own ahead of time. She sewed curtains....

Got all the lights and other supplies that she couldn't make herself....
(Dori having a bride moment and deciding that she needed to be the one on the ladder in order to show the guys how it was done!)

(Kevin with Nolan)

Luke was there for a bit but I don't think he did much helping, maybe just a big of entertaining!

Dori's mom is on the Right...

Dori had designed the programs and put the outsides together but hadn't printed out the insides so these two lovely ladies spent most of the day and part of the next doing that.

Friday we met again to finish up at the reception site and then to get our nails done before the rehearsal dinner. We ate a nice lunch outside with a gentle breeze keeping it from being too hot.

These are the finished tables.

The bride and groom's table had a beautiful crocheted lace table clothe that Dori's mom made in a few months time just for the wedding!

The dessert table, I think there were 12 different kinds of desserts at the reception, all made by Dori's family and friends.

Beautiful flowers everywhere!

The ladies putting the flowers together!

We took a lot of pics of the bachelor party and bachelorett party as well as the rehearsal but I'm going to omit them here because that would be WAY to many pics for one post and they aren't the most interesting or beautiful pics anyways. So, without further adu, the wedding day!!!
Of course the biggest part of any wedding day is how to get the bride into the dress with out messing up the bride's hair, makeup or dress!

Dori's mom also found time to alter her dress for her and took extra time to sew in little beads inside the hem spelling out their names and wedding date as well as several others with things like "peace", "love", "Family", etc. on them.

So beautiful!

I had the title of wedding coordinator, but really I was the assistant and her mom was the boss. I think it went off pretty well, inspite of me trying to learn everything they wanted in just three days!

I'm not sure what Greg's eyes are doing in this pic, but it was the only one of the four of us that turned out decent.
The guests began to arrive...

The ushers, Eric above and Phil below...

Time to say, "I Do!"

You may kiss the bride!

On to the reception....

Luke wanted to blow out all the candles but fortunately most of them were battery powered!

He also wanted to eat all the mints on the table!

Cutting the cake!

First Dance!

I love my friends!!!

As soon as I finished this clip I joined in! So much fun! It was a great trip, a beautiful wedding, an a great time to be with really amazing friends!!! We love you all, and lots of good wishes for a long happy life together to Tom and Dori!