Thursday, October 8, 2015

Becca comes to visit in June!

These pics are all from June 10th this year.  First my spiderwart in my garden!  

We spent most of the day on the farm hanging out with Becca and the rest of my family as they were around.

My dad is working on remodeling and fixing up our old barn.  I love our old barn and am so glad he is saving it, but he is also making a lot of big changes to the way it functions and the layout of the inside.  I think it was built to be a horse barn and except for a few years when I was in high school we have never owned any horses.  

This is the main part of the inside of the barn looking in from the north.  A lot of the floor of the barn was already concrete and I think my dad is going to lay concrete on the rest of the main floor.  On the left in the picture there is a long open area that my dad sometimes uses to finish pigs and on the right there are a couple of old horse stalls that are full of supplies.  The two rooms at the end in the picture are a tack room and a feed room.  The tack room is pictured below.

The tack room is kind of nostalgic for me because of my horse, Ace.  He was really a family horse but for the majority of the time that we had him he was my responsibility and I road him at least twice a week year round.  I kept his saddle and tack in here.  I had always wanted a horse for as long as I could remember and Ace was a perfect horse for me, I loved him so much!  He was my escape and my listening ear to all of my teenage angst. 

Sometimes during my childhood the barn was empty or almost empty adn we would roller skate on the cement floor, other times it was completely full and my dad would build tunnels with rooms for us to play in.  We had rope swings in the barn and we played grey wolf and make believe and so much more.  Kittens were often born in the barn as well as barn swallows like the ones below.

This old barn has seen a lot.  Now my dad is going to restore it and make it more useful to him.  He building in the loft across the main area and opening up a big door in the south end where the tack and feed rooms used to be.  He will have a place for hay, for a shop, for his machinery, etc.

Sarah wearing Miriam's boots!

and she likes to play in Fritz's create...

We have some serious gamers in this family!

Papa came in for break!

Luke played baseball this summer and this was his first year of coach pitch.  He LOVED it!!!  

Luke's friend Kenion was on the same team and they had so much fun together.

Luke was a really good hitter.  He got a hit on the first pitch almost every single time, sometimes on the second pitch, but he never needed more than two!

Some morning silliness and spring flowers from May 30th