Thursday, October 8, 2015

18 months!

I can't believe how time has flown!  The summer is gone and it's already October! I knew I was behind on the blog posts but I had no idea the last post was from MAY!!!    So I will try to catch up as I can, but here is a quicky.  

Sarah is already 18 months as of September 18.  Sometimes it is hard for me to remember What it was like with Aaron and Luke at those ages but looking back at pictures brings it all back, so here are a few of each of my kids from around the same ages.  This first one of Sarah is from September 29.  We went on a field trip with Aaron's preschool class to an apple orchard and had a lot of fun, hopefully more in another post soon.

This is obviously from Winfield this year, September 18 I think!  We had a blast!

Here are two of Luke from Winfield the year he was 18 months, he loved hats!

Greg wasn't able to go with us to Winfield the year Aaron was 18 months and so I just took Luke that year.  )-:  It just would have been to scary for me to take two little kids who didn't always stay close all by myself and also have to carry everything we needed.  These next two pics are from August 28, 2012 and the end of our vacation when Aaron was 17 months old.

At 18 months they seem so much more grown up than they did at a year, their legs hang down, they walk on their own a lot more instead of being carried all the time, they are talking and demanding their independence in all kinds of new ways.  Aaron stopped nursing at 18 or 19 months.  It's always bitter sweet for me.  I love their babyhood so much but I also love seeing them grow into themselves and their excitement at learning new things.  Sarah in some ways has become more snuggly lately since she learned that when I ask for a squeeze I want a hug.  She likes knowing what we are saying and so now she likes it when we ask for hugs and runs over to lay her head on my shoulder.  She also just recently started coming to me for snuggles or kisses when she gets hurt.  She is my only kid who automatically gets angry instead of sad when she falls down or gets hurt accidentally all on her own and until recently instead of seeking comfort her initial reaction was to yell, not cry, yell!!!  recently though she has learned by watching her brothers to come to me and get kisses to make the ouchy better.  I am excited to see what other changes come as she continues to gain language and understanding.  

that's all for now...  

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