Monday, March 1, 2010

Visitors from a far off land... Indiana!

My mother and father in law came for a quick visit for about five days over last weekend. I think the moment they stepped in the door they started working on the house!

They got a LOT done. Most of the time they were painting and finishing up projects that we had started a long time ago. Above Dennis is starting to work on the rest of the painting in the dining room. It was a big job with three different colors, a lot of furniture to move around, several doors and windows, and of course bead board around the lower half of the room!

Greg also worked on things whenever he was at home, I just took pics and tried to keep Luke out of the paint and stain everywhere!


Mimi and Pawpaw brought out this Lego play table that Luke though was fun to turn over, from his cousins in Indiana who are too grown up to need it anymore!

Mimi did a lot of cleaning as the men painted and moved stuff around, but she also spent a lot of time with Luke and I playing. Mimi went shopping down town with Luke and I one day, he was terribly excited about shopping and could hardly wait for us to get our coats on and get out the door!

King of the mountain!

Also brought out a couple of new shirts she had found on sale and the moment he saw them he decided he had to change clothes! Too funny! So this is the one he chose to put on. The other one is red and he wore it a little later in their visit.

With all the wet paint you gotta keep the wet rag handy for any drips! Dennis is really good and aside from our messed up bumpy walls the paint job looks professional!

Greg finished up staining this room so that it would be ready for carpet!

I guess all that work made Luke tired just watching and he decided out of the blue to take a rest, on top of a hard plastic drill case! He was so cute with his little pillow and his blanket that we took several pics.

While Mimi and Pawpaw were here we decided to have Luke's birthday party. We had it Sunday evening at church and invited a lot of adults and only two or three kids! I guess when he gets bigger we will invite more kids, but for now his world is filled primarily with adults. Here are a few pics of the friends and family who were able to make it. We had pizza, pop and chips for supper!

The kids ate fast and then were ready to play.

When the grown-ups were done with their pizza we decided it was time for some cake!

We could hardly keep Luke from blowing out the candles as they were being lit but we managed to get out a quick "Happy Birthday To You!" song before turning him loose!

He knows just what to do, here he is telling me he wants to EAT!


I think he actually only ate the frosting and ice cream and left the cake. Then it was time for presents!

He was so excited about his first one that he didn't want to open any more, but we coaxed him back and eventually they all got opened!

From Greg and I he got two tractors with a wagon and a disc and a set of hot wheels cars.

The biggest gift was from Mimi and Pawpaw!

Pawpaw has made a barn or a doll house for each grandchild in turn so far, and this year it was Luke's turn. It was and still is a huge hit! He also made another one for the youth group at their church to auction of and it went for $200! It is such a cool barn!

Luke also got several other things, two books, a Dora the Explorer video (he calls her Dori which I love since that is my friend's name!), a green dump truck, some finger puppets and more.

Here is most of his haul!

Afterwards Glen, Amy, and Derrick came over to our house to give Glen a bath before heading home to Derby so the boys got to play together a little bit longer before it was time for bed. It was a really fun day.

Here is the new carpet in the small future office room. Luke really likes playing in here, even before he got the barn!

The bathroom is a little closer to being done, still a few small things and one bigger thing (the shelves, which Dennis said he might be able to do from Indiana).

Probably my favorite thing is that the closet now has shelves and a bar to hang coats on!!! No more piling them on the floor!

Greg already has it full of games, but I think I might move them back onto the shelves after we move the shelves into the office room. I think it would be nice to have a little more room for things like the dust buster or a mitten/hat basket!

Dennis putting on a few finishing touches before they head home. They also painted the living room but I don't have a good pic of that.

Before they left they took us out to eat and then we had to go back home and play just a little bit more.

Look at that grin!

Bye-bye Mimi and Pawpaw!
It was such a short visit but we had a lot of fun with you!
In other news Luke has been talking up a storm! My favorite new word is battery, which he is somehow able to say with out any t's or r's. It seems like everytime he opens his mouth I hear a word that he has never said before.