Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Children's Eyes

I think the eyes have almost always been my favorite part of the body.  I love to read and as a child when we talked about which sense you would rather lose, hearing or sight, I always wanted to keep my sight.  I am pretty sure my more musical siblings would chose the opposite of me, and I would definitely miss my hearing if it came to that, but I wanted to keep my sight.  As a teen I once had a crush on a boy because he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.  As a mother I adore looking at my children's eyes.  The eyes change over time, they change color in the first 6 months especially so there is that mistery when your child is born of what color their eyes will be.  They change shape as the skin around them changes with addition or loss of fat and elasticity and eventually wrinkles.  You can tell by looking at a person's eyes if they are smiling or worried or scared or surprised or sad.

Anyway, the end of August when we started our trip to Indiana to visit family I decided to take a few pics of my children's eyes.  Sarah got the most pics, so wiggly it was hard to get one that wasn't blurry.  Aaron also got several pics but he is even more wiggly and only got one that wasn't blurry to post.  Luke held really still for me and I only took three pics, only one of which was blurry.  (-:  

Here are Sarah's eyes...  so happy and engaging with that baby fat still surrounding them, and I think they will stay blue/grey depending on what she is wearing.  She is always eager to see what is going on around her and shares her smiles with anyone who will take the time to look at her.

Here are Aaron's eyes, shaped so much like Greg's but a completely different amazing color.  I remember being so surprised to see my blood-haired blue-eyed boy. His eyes can be sweet and loving  or mischievous or clouded with anger but he does everything earnestly.

And my oldest, my mini me.  Luke has my eyes, shaped like mine and with similar coloring, and his personality is so like mine as well.  I take one look at those eyes and I know the feelings behind them.  Laura Ingals Wilder may have wished for blond hair and blue eyes like her sister Mary, but I hope my brown-eyed boy is always happy to be who he is.

Three children so unique and different from each other, three pairs of eyes so precious to me.