Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mimi in Kansas May 9-14

Ok, so some of these pics are out of order because some of them were taken on my camera and some on Anita's camera and for some reason they didn't both save to the same date folders.  We only went to the zoo once for example, but it is too much work putting them back in the right order so they are staying as is.

We spent a lot of time outside working on getting our garden's ready, taking walks or going to the park or the zoo.  Sometimes we all went, sometimes it was just Mimi and Luke.  These are some pics of Luke and our neighbor kids playing in the sprinkler while we worked in the garden (hence Luke's shirt is off).

Bath time is always a favorite, but even more so with bubbles!

Mimi bought lots of goodies and made lots of yummy food while she was here including pop-sickles!  Did you know that they make little tiny ones for little kids like Aaron?   Other favorites included her enchiladas, guacamole, and this yummy dessert you will wee later on.  

Mimi had to take pics of Luke a couple of times to keep him focused on eating.  (-;  

Greg tried a recipe for "butter beer" (from Harry Potter - non alcoholic) that didn't live up to the hype, but maybe we will try a different recipe!


Luke trying to walk like Aaron.

While Anita was here there was Mother's day and the Infant Dedication at our Church.  Cruz was the littlest baby at only a few weeks old (with Penny and Gus, his parents).

Also being dedicated was Xavier who was the oldest baby and will turn 1 in June (Pam and Mike), and Levi (Jyl and Jeremy) who is a little younger than Charlie.  Jyl and Jeremy read a letter they had written to Levi about their hopes for him as he grows and how they want to parent him that was so beautiful I think everyone including me asked for a copy of it.

And of course Charlie (with my brother Ben and sis-in-law Andrea), such a cutie and the only one who was both awake and didn't cry!  Ben and Andrea chose a beautiful passage for Charlie's life verses.

After the infant dedication Ben sang special music.  It wasn't directly related to the dedication, just happened to be placed there, but it was beautiful and I got a video of it.  I posted it to you tube and gave them the link but I wanted him to be able to choose who sees it so you have to ask them if you are curious.

Here is that amazing dessert I mentioned!

Mother's day lunch we went out to my Regier grandparent's house and after eating the guys started playing corn hole.  Luke wanted to play but it was too hard for him to throw from the same spot as the adults so they gave him a closer mark to stand at.  The kid was an ace and he kept getting them right through the hole!   I saw him get three in a row once and his team killed daddy's team!

Luke is really into playing games right now.  He has a memory game and an animal domino game that he likes a lot, and he also loves to play this game Ben created for him one night when we were at Norm's coffee shop.  They each get a stack of poker chips and each person puts some chips in the middle (Luke always wants to put in more chips than whoever he is playing).  Then each person turns over one card and whoever has the higher number wins the chips in the middle.  Luke is in charge of counting the symbols on the cards which he loves and it has really helped him get his counting straightened out.  I am hoping that it will also help him start to recognize the numbers on the cards mean something.  

The last night Mimi was with us we went to the park to play after supper and took some family pics.  They may not be as composed as more professional family pics but they are funny!