Friday, August 15, 2014

Today was Luke's first day of first grade with Mrs Jones at Walton!!!  It was also his first day to ride the bus!  He was pretty excited!  Last night we went to meet the teacher night at school and then out to supper at Wendy's and then on the way home we stopped at Chisholm where the bus will pick him up and drop him off each day so that he could see where everything was before hand.  Then this morning we were there plenty early and he got to get on the bus with his best friend Jack.  Unfortunately Jack is not in the same class but they can sit together on the bus and play together at recess etc so Luke was OK with it after we talked about it.  He and Jack both seemed really pumped to get on the bus.  While they were waiting one of the bigger kids asked who his teacher was.  When we told her she said, "Mrs Jones ROCKS!"  This pic is from after school when we went to pick him up. When Aaron, Sarah and I drove into the parking lot Aaron said, "Yets go get my Yukey! (L's sound like Y's)  (-: 

Luke had a LOT to say about his first day.  He had a blast and got to play with Jack some.  He also loved science and learned about water and fire and kept telling me all the cool things they found out about water and fire.  Sounds like his first year is off to a great start.  

Sarah adores her brothers and Aaron did a lot of playing with Sarah today since Luke was at school.  He was pretty proud of himself and when we got in the car after taking these pics he said, "I making Sarah happy, Mommy!"  


Sarah gives lots of kisses now!!!  These pics are from 8-10.  She loves it, and so do I, even if her kisses are just a bit wet!  (-:  

Below is a link to a video of her giving me kisses on 8-6.  Love my sweet girl!

random from 7-12 through 8-7

A friend from work made a cake and brought it to work to celebrate July birthdays on the 12th and sent the leftovers home with me for the boys.  It was really good cake and even though I joked that I would eat it all myself on the way home I did manage to save some for the rest of my family.  (-:  Here the kids are saying thank you to Katy for the yummy cake!

On July 13 we were having corn on the cob for supper and after taking one bite Luke said he couldn't eat it because it made his loose tooth hurt.  He showed me how wiggle it was and I told him it would pop right out really easy if he wanted to.  He asked if it would hurt and I told him that it probably wouldn't, maybe just a little but only for a second.  So Luke decided to let me yank it with a string!  I never let anyone yank my teeth, I think I yanked a few of my own but never someone else.  So we got a thread and I tied it around the tooth and it popped out really easy.  Then Luke asked when I was going to yank it and I told him it was already done!  He was so proud of himself!  This was his third tooth to loose. The first fell out in his mouth while riding in the car with Greg and he thought he had something yucky in his mouth so he spit it out without realizing what it was and we couldn't find it.  The second one he lost while eating and again we never found it,  So this time the tooth fairy gave him a booster set of pokemon cards to cover all three teeth,  (-:  He learned about Pokemon this summer through Penny's Summer Kids Camp and at the end of the summer she gave him his first whole deck.  I got him another one and now we have been playing a lot of pokemon.  It is actually kinda fun!

July 24 Sarah learned how to roll back to front!  She was determined and she uses it all the time to get at things positioned above her head when she is lying on the floor or the bed.  She also loves playing little games like peek-a-boo, this little piggy and patty cake.  A week after I started playing this little piggy with her she got hold of her feet for the first time and now it is rare to find her without one in her hand or mouth!  This pic is from the first day she really got those feet, 8-4.

Aaron actually took these two pics and the one with all of them in it was taken by Erin, my cousin.  He loves to take pics whenever I will let him, and occasionally they turn out really well!

Love my three!  I am so blessed by each one and how different they are!

1st mini Regier family camp out July 8, 2014

Jan, Haig, Just, Sarah and baby Isaac came to visit for a few days in July so of course we had to get together!  We had a lot of fun catching up and playing games and music together but mostly we took pics of the three baby cousins and talked in high pitched voices as if we had all been sucking on helium.  (-:  

Sarah and Isaac meet.  As you will see Sarah is the oldest of the three but they were all born with in 8 weeks of each other.  Sarah has definitely had the most time to fill out and had the most interest in the other babies.  

Isaac had some pretty good neck strength going there!

Sarah says, "Whats wrong Jo?"

Giant Dutch Blitz!

Watching the world cup game, terrible!

Making ice cream!

Final score 1-7!  How is that even possible?

More baby pictures!!!

Water games!


Making music!

Such a good day!  Wish they all could have made it and that the ones far away weren't so far away, but we will take whatever we can get!