Thursday, February 10, 2011

Becca home for Christmas in January (20-26)

My sister came home for a very short week in January to see family and celebrate a late Christmas! The first evening together we let Luke run wild with the camera and while most of his pics did end up deleted (there were like 70 of them, mostly things like the ceiling, floor, dog's butts, etc.) I think all the pics from that night were taken by him.

Becca got a kick out of how he takes pictures, basically shoots from the hip without really looking in either the view finder or the screen on the back to see what he is getting. She took a pic with her phone of him taking a pic of her.

This one was supposed to be of (left to right) me, Tim, and Becca. He tried three different times and this was about as good as it got.

There is a video that goes along with these pics but I am going to have to post it later...

We got some bubble bath and while I was disappointed at the amount of bubble bath needed to make just a few bubbles Luke loved every second those bubbles lasted.

Saturday we had Christmas with my Bartel family including the traditional Christmas feast of Vereniki and so much more! It was a really fun day. Greg and I took a few of the initial pics just to ensure we got a few good ones and later on we let Luke run wild with the camera again. We still ended up deleting quite a few, but he did manage to get some really great ones in the mix.

I think this is where Luke's pics start...

(above pic is obviously by Ben, one of his favorite techniques I think! :-)

Sunday we had our Christmas at Mom and Dad's, and Luke again had the camera the majority of the time. I think this is getting to be a nice lazy habit.

lots of "up the nose" shots!

My mom is dishing out Wassel, my favorite Christmas drink! We also had our traditional chips and cheese dip meal!

This is Luke at home playing with his dolls and being the baby. We talk about baby things a lot, and I got a new sling over Christmas in Indiana that I have shown him a few times too

Another afternoon we spent with Becca and Mom...

We painted pictures together, lots of fun!

Mom made noodles and we had amazing turkey noodle soup for supper. Below is a pic of Luke's bowl...



Becca's visits always end too soon for me! I think for Luke too. He always woke up first thing in the morning asking to go see Becca at Gammy and Papa's house. It was hard for him when she left and I tried to explain that Becca was back in Vermont and that no we couldn't go see her there because it was too far away. (Time and Space... He also thinks we can walk to Gammy's house and go see Mimi and Papa in Indiana in 30 minutes if we would just get in the car and drive there!)