Monday, June 30, 2014

Sarah's happy noise!

This link is to a video of Sarah adn I this afternoon.  Sarah was really in a good mood and I wanted to get a clip of her making her happy noise.  Here it is!

Becca made this beautiful little doll for Sarah and it is perfect timing because Sarah is at the stage where she is really working hard at getting her arms and hands to do what she wants and is reaching for things all the time right now.

Thursday the 19th we spent the afternoon out at the farm and had supper out at my Grandma's for Harvest (Mom's meal with Lasagna, corn, french bread and tapioca pudding!)  It was a beautiful day and I got some fun pics of the kids.

Sarah's first ride in a combine!

Steel Wheels at the Bartlett Arboretum

 Sunday the 15th of June Becca, Ben, Andrea, Charlie, Mellanie, Sarah and I all piled into my van and drove to the Bartlett Arboretum for a Steel Wheels concert!  It was pretty warm but it turned out not too bad.  It had been raining but thankfully for the concert it was nice and the ground wasn't too wet.  We had a lovely time.

More from Becca's visit... 6-14-14

Hanging out at the farm...

Above is a link to a short video of the kids playing fetch with Harvey.  When you see him move is when you can really see what a giant puppy he is!

The Lion King pose...

Tim got to come home for a day from Camp Mennoscah where he is the nature guy this summer.