Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So... most of you already know...

We are pregnant! We are expecting a baby around the end of March, which puts us almost at 11 weeks now. We are really thrilled that everything seems to be healthy so far. We got to see the baby on a sonogram around 8 weeks and Luke was so excited about the baby in mommy's tummy! I have been pretty nauseated already since week 5 so that has not been fun, and Luke started imitating mommy being sick too! I think it may be starting to get slightly better???? Either that or I am getting better at managing it. I also got to hear the heartbeat on doppler just a few days ago!!!

I can't stay up any later, Luke will be up bright and early I am sure, but soon I hope to post a few pics from our recent trip to visit family in Indiana!