Monday, April 28, 2014

Some random fun!

MCC sale was the weekend of the 11th and 12th and we went on the 12th with Glen and Kara, Brett, Amare and Onnyka.  We spent almost all of our time in the kids area playing on the mini golf course and the blow ups.  I was surprised that Aaron really enjoyed going down the big blow up slide.  He wanted me to go with him but he never acted at all scared and had a blast.

After eating a ton of verenika we decided to brave the big yellow slide.  Aaron wanted to try that one two and didn't act scared at all, but I think the steep drops and the speed got the better of him and while he didn't cry once was definitely enough for him!

Mini golf was the thing that everyone kept coming back to though!

April 14 Luke called me in to see the thing that he and Aaron were doing.  They used the fence from the barn, one of Aaron;s airplanes and one of Luke's dragons, and set up their own version of Angry Birds!  The fence was the structure, the airplane and dragon were the pigs and Luke used one of my stretchy headbands as the sling shot and some toy food for the angry birds!  It was so creative!

April 17 was Luke's first music program at school.  I don't think he has been in any other programs that he would remember because there was only one year that he was old enough to participate in the Christmas program that we were home for it, every other year we have been in Indiana.  He did a good job but got stage sick as he called it during part of it and put his head down.  He sang most of the songs, but didn't do the motions most of the time.  Poor guy!

^  getting their instruments handed out at the beginning of the program.  ^

^  Not feeling so good.  ^

picture time at the end, feeling a little better (-:  Can you tell, the kindergartners are on the left and the first graders are on the right.  (-:

the last few weeks of Sarah!

Sarah has been growing like a weed and changing every day.  There are lots of things that have happened that I will post about in other posts, but this one is just for pics of Sarah.

This first one is from April 11.

April 13...

April 15...

Sarah started smiling the day after these were taken on April 16.  She almost looks like she is smiling in the pic above, but it has been near impossible to get a pic of her smiling because every time I take a picture the camera has a green light that comes on and when she sees it she starts frowning at it.  (-:

April 18...

April 22...

April 25...

Sarah as a bit of an outie belly button and I think it might change so I wanted to take a pic of it!

April 27...

Sarah wore my mother's dress to church!  It is such a sweet little dress!

Love all her funny little faces!

We got Sarah smiling really well last night while I was talking to Becca on the phone.  She had just finished eating and so I took a video first to make sure I caught it before trying to get some pics.  Here is the link to the video and below are the pics I took, but only the first one looks like she is smiling.

Aaron wanted to snuggle up with Sarah this morning so we got a few really cute pics with the two of them.  April 28...

Sarah is so much more than a newborn now.  As a newborn she communicated discomfort, hunger, wet diaper, needing to burp, but that was about it.  She had alert times but couldn't take in much of her surroundings.  In the last two weeks she has started crying for other reasons, like me putting her down, or being startled by a loud noise.  She smiles and when she is alert her head and arm movements have a lot more purpose behind them.  She looks at you more directly and she uses her arms to try to hold onto things.  When she nurses her hands no longer hang limp by her sides but hold onto me.  There is a picture above of her holding onto her toy in her car seat and we didn't place it in her hand, she did!  As she has grown physically she is changing inwardly as well and it is so amazing to watch.  Her double chin and chunky thighs are so adorable, but her smile when she looks at me is magical.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

3.5 weeks old.

Here are 3 pics of Luke when he was about the same age as Sarah is now.  So much dark hair!

The first one of Aaron is about a week older than Sarah is now but it was the best one I had close to this age.

In this second one with both the boys Aaron is about 2 months old.  I still have that onesie so that is why I am including it, for comparison with Sarah.

This is from this morning with all three kids!  

And some of just Sarah for comparison sake, and because it is fun to take pics of my babies.

Most of the time I see a lot of Aaron in her, at others a hint of Luke.  But always she is different from both, not a carbon copy of either.

Thanks to Leah for the blanket in these pics!