Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday, March 22. Aaron's Birthday!

For Aaron's birthday we had planned to go to the Hesston College Aviation hanger and watch airplanes but they had moved the time due to high wind gusts in the afternoon so we missed the flying but got to see the airplanes!  We also got to see this cool plane that was being rebuilt by someone Amy knows.  It is the same kind of plane that Amelia Earhart disappeared in and they told us that there are only 10 currently flying in the world.  Aaron was very excited and much braver and Luke was pretty excited to get to come along this time!

We got to climb up in the airplane and see all the work he was doing on it!

Aaron in the cargo area...

and the cockpit!

Afterwards we went to the farm for some birthday cake made by Becca!  Aaron was trying to figure out how to make 3 with his fingers.  (-:

The whole cake had a little raspberry jam in one one layer as well as the lemon curd in the other layers and the butter cream frosting on top, while the original left out the raspberry layer.

3 with both hands!!!


Sarah wore her auntie shirt for the occasion.  (-:


Friday we spent the day out on the farm.  Sarah had a little bit of jaundice to get rid of yet and the house was nice and warm so we let her sun bathe in the window for a while and got some sweet pictures.

Looks like a smile!

Becca's cute socks!

Sarah has a little tuft of hair on her ear like Luke did, though hers is smaller and lighter.

Grandma and Papa Regier stopped by to see Sarah for the first time.

Luke and Papa playing Uno!