Friday, July 23, 2010

Things Luke says...

Peeny-butta-sammy! (peanut butter sandwich, his absolute favorite right now)

Fire-cacky (Fire Cracker)

Tackty (tractor)

Mommy, I hold you? (meaning "mommy, will you hold me?")

One day when I was leaving to go to work, "Mommy, I go work too?" And another day, "No, I go shoppin' mommy! I go shoppin' mommy!"

Yogi! (yogurt)


Most things get a y/i on the end.

Yesterday we went grocery shoppping and a young teenage girl helped us take our things out to the car and when she left all of the sudden Luke was in tears. It took a while for me to understand what he wanted because of the tears, but he wanted to give her a hug and kiss good-bye!

He frequently asks to talk to different people on the phone, Daddy when he is at work, Gammy and Papa, Mimi and Papa, Amy and Glen, Ben and Andrea, etc. If I am talking on the phone he starts tugging on me and saying "I talk phone, Mommy! I talk phone?"

Hugs and kisses are very important to Luke, and usually he needs more than one set at any parting, whether I am leaving for work or he is getting up before me to eat breakfast with Daddy. Tonight he was going up to bed with Daddy and I asked him for a hug and kiss and then teased him by continuing to ask for just one more! He seemed very pleased about the whole thing, got a big grin on his face and was happy to give as many as I asked for.

Anytime there is music he grabs my hand and insists I dance with him.

The more tired he is the louder and wilder he gets, most people think he is being cute, but eventually he always wants to snuggle and calm down.

He loves the Francis books my mom has about a sassy little girl badger.

He loves to direct, to do things himself, to chose.

If I am not paying enough attention he comes over and cups my face in his hands and gets very close so I will be sure to listen!

Every time he goes potty in the right places he says, "Yay!" and raises his hands over his head and then gives a high five! Some of the time he tells me when he needs to go, but he never tells anyone else yet, and poop still doesn't go in the potty yet. If he is with me or my mom he usually is able to stay dry and is willing to go if we suggest it, I think Greg has given up all together at the moment.

He loves being outdoors, helping me with the flower garden, bike rides, swimming and playing in the park with other kids, usually from our sister hispanic church who meet twice a week at the park for Bible study.

Today he told me, "I sorry mommy!" without being prompted at all. (I don't even remember what he was sorry for, I do know that I was surprized because it wasn't something I was going to ask for an appology for, but he did have a reason and he was very sincere!)

He is sweet, funny, strong willed, emotional, creative and loving, and he makes me want to be a better person.

I suppose that is enough for one evening!