Thursday, October 30, 2014

A little bit of fall...

Sarah's teeth!

Here's the proof, two teeth in one day!  They came in Oct 25th!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fest, Oct 18

Greg was busy on Saturday and I ended up not busy so I took the kids to Fall Fest.  My brother Tim is a Junior at Bethel this year and was playing 5 times during the day so I wanted to catch at least one or two of them.  We got there just in time to buy a few New Years cookies and head for his first gig of the day with his band The Flannelbacks!

Dad put Sarah on Harvey's back, you know, since he's as big as a horse.  (-:

After their set we went to get hot coco and coffee for me.  We went to the kids fun area but it was exceptionally expensive this year so we didn't stay there long.  After that we headed over to see Tim sing with a Bethel College men's acapella group, I think it was called Open Road.  Michelle, Erin and Abby sang just before then men'd group with a similar group called Woven and we got in on the last part of their set, very nice!

Afterwards we hit the bathrooms and water fountain.  Then we searched for some lunch.  At the time Luke told me he wasn't hungry so I only got a few verenike but of course he and Aaron both love them and were starving when I brought them back, so we ended up with borscht and zwieback as well.  When we finally had filled our tummies we headed back to the car.  I was thinking they were tired, but when we got to the park where we parked they wanted to play and it was such nice weather that we stayed at least another hour.  

It was Sarah's first time on the swings and she LOVED it!!!  So much fun!

Such a good day!

Zoo fun 10-16

Went to the Zoo with Kara and Natalie and kids!  Had a great time together and it was a beautiful day!

Sarah was very into sitting up and looking around as usual!

Natalie's daughter Leah with Onnyka above, too cute!

Amare and Onnyka displaying the male and female lions for us.

Kids pretending to be lions!

listening to zoo keys...

Not sure exactly what the girls were doing below but they wanted me to take their picture while they did it!

Leah pushing the stroller!  I remember when Luke was about that age he wouldn't ever ride but he would push the umbrella stroller around the whole zoo, so I would bring it just for him to push.

Can't wait for our elephants to get their new home!  We saw them working on it!