Monday, May 30, 2011


I finally got some good smiling pics!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hair Cut!

Sunday we spent the afternoon with Amy, Derrick and Glen in Derby and had a really good time. The boys had a great time together and so did the rest of us. While there it came up that Greg wanted to buzz Luke's hair off and that I was opposed to it. They had a clippers handy and before you knew it Luke's hair was gone. I guess we should have gotten some before and durring pics as well but here is the after shot in the tub. His hair has NEVER been this short before, even at birth it was longer!

I admit that it doesn't look too bad, but I still definitely prefer it long. I know it will be a good summer cut but if I am completely honest I can't wait for it to grow out again.

I have been trying to catch Aaron smiling and still haven't managed to catch the big open mouthed grin yet but here are a few with his smile showing at least a little!

The swing is hand-me-down from Glen.

and a short video with a little smile in it...

Short video because I have been having trouble uploading videos lately. Sorry about the background noise, not sure what Luke was watching at the time. (-:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family day and Graduation

I think I have some pictures of Luke wearing the outfit Aaron has on in this picture so I really wanted to take a bunch of him in it too but Luke wanted to join in the fun and pretty soon Aaron decided it wasn't fun anymore. We did get a cute one of them together though!

Friday we decided to have a family day out so we started the afternoon by going to the zoo together. I take the boys to the zoo frequently, but Greg doesn't get to come very often so this was a treat.

Looking for the chimps, unfortunately they were all sleeping far away and we couldn't hardly see them. Luke still tried to get a picture though!

We got a really good look at the hippos whenever they came up for air. The water was too murky to see them under the water.

Luke wanted to pose with all of the scultures we passed so Greg and I took turns posing with him. I think Luke is growling here.

The tigers were the hit of the day. We spent a lot of time there because Aaron decided it was time to eat and the rest of us agreed.

While we were there it came time for the tiger training which was really cool to watch!

After the zoo it was time to eat supper so we thought we would grab some burgers. Then we remembered that we had a gift certificate for Outback so we decided to get some Really GOOD burgers! After eating we realized that we were just so close to the cheap theater so we stoped by to see what was playing and since Rango was showing we decided to go! It was both Luke and Aaron's first time in a movie theater so we had to document it!

Both boys did great in the theater. Aaron ate at teh beginning and then slept the rest of the time as long as I held my hand over his ears to keep it from being too loud for him. Luke loved seeing the little lights on the floor and the cool seats with holes for your drink. Infact he thought the way the chairs moved was so cool that half way through the movie I heard him crying a little and looked over to see that he had gotten his head stuck. He had leaned over the seat with his feet on the ground and then the seat folded up making his head fall through the crack and his bottom up in the air. It was pretty funny!

There is a little arcade at the theater so we let Luke ride the horse for 25 cents. Then ofcourse he wanted us to take it home!

We ended the night with frosties from Wendy's that we ate on the way home! It was a really great day...

Today Time Graduated from High School along with several kids from our youth group. In fact there were sooo many I missed getting pics of a few.

Tim was Validictorian.

My cousin Erin!





Also Joanna, Kaven, Macie, Andrew and Olivia!

Aaron slept through the whole thing but was pretty hungry by the time we got to take pics with Tim so we went over the one of the playgrounds and Aaron ate while Luke and Greg played.

It was a beautiful evening. I can hardly believe that Tim is old enough to be leaving home, but by the end of the summer Mom and Dad will be adjusting to an empty house. He is planning on doing a year of service, probably in Bolivia, with Radical Journey through Mennonite Mission Network. I remember so well when I left home for Paraguay after my high school graduation. One of the hardest things about leaving for me was knowing how much of Tim's growing up I would be missing from then on. For Tim he will be missing Luke and Aaron growing up and the birth of Ben and Andrea's first child. Change is always bitter sweet, but I know he will have an amazing year and I wouldn't want him to miss that opportunity.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I can't believe that this is the first I have posted this month, but looking back at the pictures I have taken I guess it's true. Most of these don't really have a story behind them, I just was enjoying my two cute boys.

Luke has been really developing his imagination lately. He has started putting on magic shows for Greg and I with his only prop being his cape. (This was started after watching an episode of Kipper, a show about a dog, who puts on a magic show for his friends.) Since he doesn't have a hat or cards or anything he just holds his hands in a certain way and says, "pick a card" or "nothing in my hat". It's pretty funny.

This little guy has been chuncking up! He is also a lot more allert and interactive, smiling and talking to us when he is awake! Right now he is sitting on my lap perfectly happy watching me type. (-: I know I am his mother, but I can never get enough of looking at him and his beautiful little face or his sweet chinky thighs, and every time you look at him you just have to kiss him!

My brother Tim and my cousin Erin are graduating from High School this year and had a graduation party together. Part of the process was going through all their old pics and putting some on display for people to see, and one of Tim as a newborn looks almost exactly like Aaron. In fact just the other day Luke was over there looking at the picture boards they put together asking Gammy, "Who's that?", at each picture except that one when he said, "Oh, that baby Aaron!"

Luke loves playing with Tim! Watching them together reminds me of when I was little and my uncle Randy would let us climb all over him or would play Grey Wolf with us in the barn. We are really going to miss him next year when he goes on his year of service.

Luke, Tim and Abby watching a movie together.


On Mother's Day we had strawberry shortcake at the park with the Regier family, so here are a few pics from that day. My favorite Mother's Day gift came from Luke who potty trained himself in about three days. Thursday before Mother's Day I decided I was tired of changing his diapers and I told him that he was a big boy adn didn't need diapers any more and that it was time for him to start using the potty chair and big boy pants. I got them out, put them on him and that was it. He had one accident on Thursday and Friday and then none on Saturday or really any since then. I was most worried about him going number 2 in the potty chair because I never had any success with him doing that last summer when we tried potty training, but he did spectactular. By Saturday he was taking himself to the bathroom without even telling me. All of the sudden I just heard the toilet flush and when I asked he told me he had gone potty. I never have to remind him, it doesn't matter what he is doing or how engrossed he is in an activity, he always stops when he needs to and runs to the bathroom! I am SOOOO happy that this went so easily! I am so glad I only have to change one boy's pants now!

Aaron will have his 2 month appointment on Friday so I will have his growth stats to post then, and I head back to work next week so you can all keep me in your prayers then as I know the transition won't be easy for me. I have really loved spending all this time with my boys and watching them both grow and change and come to love eachother. I am so proud of Luke for how well he has handled all these changes and how much he has matured, and I love watching Aaron change right before my eyes.