Monday, April 16, 2012


Aaron started walking tonight!!!  I was supposed to go to work tonight and got up to get ready but while I was downstairs getting laundry done I started playing with Aaron and suddenly he was walking!  first he took 2 steps by himself, the 4, then 7!  He was so proud of himself he threw his head back with this huge grin on his face!  I'm proud of him too!


Saturday the 14th was supposed to be a severe weather day with lots of tornadoes.  I think there were at least 90 reported, but thankfully no one was killed and none of them struck Newton.  We have a basement but it isn't pretty and it doesn't have a specific storm shelter like my parent's basement so they asked us and my sister-in-law and nephew to spend the night at their house.  Charlie was very interested in both the boys. I got a few quick pics of him and Luke but I was always holding Aaron when they were interacting so no pics of the two of them unfortunately.

I think Aaron may have a little of his daddy in him.  He went straight for the computer!

Charlie having some no pants floor time and snuggling with Luke.

Aaron playing with the Zoo box of toys sent by Mimi and Papa for Easter.  He loves loading and unloading it.  I filled it up before we went over with a few extra things that would be familiar for him.

A few of Aaron's other obsessions...  playing piano.....

....and climbing on unsteady things, anything to get where he wants to be.

He may have a bit of his mother in him as well...  I have lots of pics and memories of playing with my toys in whatever little space I could find.  I was usually surrounded by stuffed animals because I loved them all too much to leave any of them out.

Aaron climbed up onto the couch and then over the arm rest to get where he wanted to be. 


One of the scarves I got at the MCC sale!

I did take a few of Greg but he didn't want me to take them so they didn't turn out that good.  )-;

Saturday, April 14, 2012

mcc sale!

We went to the MCC sale last night (Friday) and had a great time.  It was a beautiful day and we got there early so there wasn't a ton of people.  We pretty much just ate lots of food and watched Luke play on the big blow up things in the kids area.  It's funny how expectations change as you get older.  As a kid I saved up my money and then spent all day looking endlessly at all the things for sale, especially at Ten Thousand Villages, before making the agonizing decision about what my big purchase would be that year.  Now I go for the food and to let Luke have fun.  

The big slide was lots of fun!  I don't think I have ever gone down it before, I think Luke and Greg tried to go down last year but Luke got scared so they walked down.  This year Greg and I took turns going down with him.  Greg went first and even though I really couldn't see what I was getting because the sun was to bright I actually got a couple pretty good ones of the two of them coming down.  It's too bad we didn't do videos of the two of us going down with him though because the lane Greg chose was apparently the slow lane and they had to push themselves over the final hump, but the lane I chose was super slick and Luke and I just flew down.  I couldn't help shrieking on the first two humps!



I did do a little shopping and got a couple of scarves from Ten Thousand Villages while Greg and Luke played mini golf.  Greg said he was surprised at how well Luke did, and I got back in time to snap a few and  saw him make a hole in one!

love that pose!!!

Luke and Daddy got ice cream (Mommy had pie earlier) and while they ate Aaron decided to go for a crawl.  He really just went for it. 

On his way back I guess he got tired.  (-:

Second wind!

all fall down...

So Thursday at about 3:30 am I was checking on my pt at work and trying not to wake up her husband who was sleeping on the pull out couch in their room, when I totally miss-judged how close I was to the corner of the couch (very dark room, black couch) and I hit the deck harder than I ever remember falling before.  I couldn't even tell you how exactly I landed, it all happened so fast, but I remember thinking I needed to try to catch myself but being disoriented as I fell because of how dark it was in the room and smacking my cheek on the floor.  I didn't loose consciousness or anything, but I definitely woke up the husband and both of them were very concerned about their poor nurse.  I told them I was ok, just embarrassed and I sat there for just a minute to make sure nothing felt broken before trying to stand up.  My cheek didn't feel too bad, my right shin felt bruised but not broken, and my left wrist and finger were obviously bruised but I didn't thing they were broken either, so I stood up, took care of my patient and told them not to worry, I was fine. I went out to the nurse's station and got a couple of ice packs and sat down.  My finder and wrist hurt the most so I started with them and they were definitely starting to swell.  I decided to put the other ice pack on my shin and when I lifted up my pant leg I was shocked to see that it was already a huge bruise about the diameter of a softball and at least 1/4 of an inch or more elevated.  My coworkers helped me tape the ice pack on my shin nice and snug and then we decided I should probably go to the ER just to get checked out since the bruises were so bad.  One of my coworkers took me over there in a wheelchair, which was embarrassing but nice because it is a very long walk.  They took x-rays and it turned out that I actually did break my finger, so they splinted it for me and told me I could go back to work.  I'm supposed to go in and get more x-rays taken on Tuesday after work.  The Dr wasn't sure exactly how bad the break was because it was difficult to see on the x-ray so he wanted me to follow up in a few days and hopefully get some better views.  One break a splint will do just fine, the other he said, "is a whole other story", so I am hoping for the simple break!  It really doesn't hurt unless one of the boys grabs it or something, and I have been very careful, but it does make work and changing Aaron's diapers a lot more complicated.  It does look pretty nasty though and since this is my worst injury since I was a kid I thought I ought to document it.  If you don't want to see pics of bruises, don't go any further.  (-;

My left hip, didn't even realize it was bruised until later.

Most of the other pics it is hard to see the bruising but I definitely feel it.  Here are a couple of my ginormous finger.

My left wrist...

My cheek, thankfully I don't have a black eye and didn't break anything on my face, but I wouldn't have minded an excuse to get a nose job!  (-;

A couple of my right shin...

So, I am either turning on more lights when I go check on my pt's  (there was just one low floor light on) or investing in a flashlight to carry in my pocket.


I had to work Easter weekend but when I got home Sunday morning I really wanted to get some good pics of the boys in their Paraguayan shirts so I stayed up, helped get them both ready for church and then dragged them outside to take a few pics before they left.  

I slept while the boys were at church and then got up to go eat dinner at my Grandma Regier's house.  I am sure my Aunt Ruth will be sending pics out to us all pretty soon but I don't have them yet, and since I knew she was taking a lot of great pics and would share I didn't worry about pics except for a few.  Mom and Dad and Charlie were also wearing their Paraguayan clothes (it really was unplanned, I promise!) so we had to get a few pics of them all together.  Unfortunately as you can tell from these pics both Aaron and Charlie weren't too happy at that point, but I wanted to get my boys out of their fancy clothes before lunch so they didn't get ruined and there ensued a lot of juggling babies and loud laughter trying to get those little guys to crack a smile.  You can see the attempts below and pic your favorite! 

Just before we left I spotted my dad feeding Aaron some strawberry shortcake and ice cream on the porch, just the two of them!  Definitely a grandpa kind of treat to give the baby sweets, but he did ask me first.  (-: